tail of the pup:

“The truth is I don’t care enough. I’m going to make art anyway mate. The main thing I would do is something from a social and local perspective. Making something that is accountable and responsible to the people in Splott, where I live, and has them completely and sincerely engaged and involved. Like that Tiger King programme everyone was so keen on…shame we can’t shave our names into Mark’s dogs.

Diolch am gwrando

Tom X”

Thomas’ animation and visual work for Tail of The Pup springs from a proposed collaboration and subsequent dialogue between himself and London based artist Dominic Allan. The conversation and the work finally presented here extends to thinking about such things as: the “effect of digital technology on our lived experience”, the true immediate value of face to face to communication as opposed to a form that is sequential and reactive (therefore prone to misinterpretation and sometimes requiring the need for redaction), and the significance of an art practice that is embedded in and continuous with the culture and community it emanates from.


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Thomas Goddard is an artist living and working in Cardiff, Wales.




Thomas Goddard